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Patience is a virtue......

So, I'm hoping everyone had a fairly good Christmas, ours was obviously quieter and we couldn't have my parents round which was disappointing but we did have a lovely day. I've been working throughout Christmas and New Year and I think it's really helped that I no longer work from home. I'm out and getting exercise and then I can really relax when I'm home.

Anyway, I've been wondering whats been going on with my glitter moulds so I wrote a polite email to the audiology department and this was their response.

'Thank you for your email. You should not have been advised that you would receive a fitting within 2 weeks as the mould impression has to be sent away to the manufactories to be made. You should have been told that you would be added to a Waiting List for fitting and an appointment would be sent. The mould has now returned with a number of others and when we are in a position you will be sent an appointment for fitting.

As you will appreciate, in the current circumstances we have a reduced number of appointments due to covid restrictions and the fact we have a number of own team on sickness absence. This is difficult times and you will be sent an appointment as and when we have one available.'

This was sent to me on 21st December. It's quite frustrating knowing they are there but I can't get an appointment. Also, Access to Work have recommended equipment for me to use at work but they need to know the make of my new hearing aids. I did ask in the original email but they didn't reply to that question. So everything is on hold, again.

I have started something new this week and that is Slimming World!! I have lost 3lb in my first 4.5 days (I joined mid week) and I was contemplating doing the online package but I've done that loads of times with various eating plans so I messaged a friend who was currently doing it with groups and came to the conclusion that groups are better than trying to do it on your own. I decided to sign up and because I'm still not confident with zoom, I arranged to meet my 'would be' consultant Steph in her garden, 0 temperatures, we wore our coats, had hot water bottles and a cuppa and sat on chairs 2 metres apart! She talked through the whole process and I signed up! Obviously, there are no groups running at the moment and so, its all on zoom!!! My favourite! I was a bit nervous about meeting a completely new group of people but it was ok. My consultant spoke most of the time introducing us to it all and I know her well so i'm used to her voice. Steph is going to try and get subtitles on zoom for next weeks meeting so we will see how that goes!! Wish me luck with my weight loss....

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