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Not much has happened over the past couple of weeks except that I survived a 7 day shift at work - it went surprisingly quickly! The equipment I was going to get to help me at work hasn't arrived yet and I'm still waiting for an appointment with the audiology clinic. I guess things will start moving again when lock down is over and then I will finally get my glitter moulds and super duper new equipment.

Some good news though, I got my half stone loss sticker today and I got slimmer of the week 2nd week running!! Feeling very encouraged by my progress and long may it continue. I'm finding I have to prepare and plan things a lot more but it's really helped.

Also, the zoom calls I have with Slimming World now have subtitles!! Thank you Steph! Yes, zoom has subtitles but you have to pay for them. I feel it's my way of being able to communicate with others effectively but should people have to pay so I can understand? It doesn't make sense to me. If I join a zoom call, then the only way I can get subtitles is if the host pays for them, they're not free. I don't understand the logic. I just can't get my head round it. Why should others have to pay to enable me to communicate better? Unless there's a way round it or someone knows differently? I'd love to know.

The equipment that I will get for work will help me when doing nights and will enable me to hopefully be able to communicate via the entry phone and the house phone. Through my care work though, I have come to realise that listening is such a huge part of what I do and being deaf doesn't stop you being a good listener. You can read body language, the way people hold themselves, the way they move. I've always been able to 'recognise' people from afar, not from their faces but by the way they move/walk - long before you can make out their features. You can read their faces (not as well as we used to before face masks) but eyes still say a lot. The way they dress or take care of themselves. Sometimes you listen for the things that aren't being said. Also, it does help that in a few situations I can still lipread, I can see what people are muttering under their breath!

A good friend last week made me realise that lipreading is in fact a superpower, I can do something most people around me can't. Just call me wonder woman!!

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